How Great Would It Feel 
To Have Unwavering Confidence
In Your Abilities 
And Never Again Question 
If You Are "Doing It Right"?

This is where growth-oriented professionals learn to lead like the leaders they look up to.

How Great Would It Feel
To Have
Unwavering Confidence
In Your Abilities
And Never Again Question
If You Are
"Doing It Right"?

This is where growth-oriented professionals learn to lead like the leaders they look up to.

You’ve got the hard skills down…
...but soft skills make the leader!

Remember when you earned the well deserved reputation of being
the top go-to person for ideas, for getting stuff done,
for speaking up in meetings, for excellent performance?

You knew exactly what to do.

In fact, you made it all look easy.  

Perhaps without even being consciously aware of it,
you had a rock solid, easy assuredness about yourself. 

You felt it in your core.

A secure, quiet, inner conviction of your
knowledge, skills, and ability
to handle anything that came your way.  

You were
But, after your hard earned promotion, where your responsibilities and
expectations changed, you hit a very common wall.

And it left you feeling very unconfident.
Do you feel like everyone else has it figured out and you don't?

Do you feel stuck and not like yourself anymore?

Do you wonder why your confidence is shaken in certain situations?
Have you started to feel like you are:
● ​  Avoiding giving feedback because you don't like confrontation?

● ​  Not sure how to speak confidently to clients or higher ups?

​● ​  Nervous during meetings. Are you speaking up too often? Not enough? When to? When not to?      

​● ​  Getting passed over for opportunities?

​● ​  Emulating a leadership style that is inauthentic to you and is not the way you want to lead?

● ​ Struggling to give clear directions to your team and still be a team player?

● ​  ​Fear you are going to let people down?

And as a result of what you are feeling and going through, you have realized:
Something is missing, 
you just aren't sure what that is.
You looked into whether or not your company offered anything else.

If they did have additional training,
you’ve gone through one or multiple…
with either temporary or marginal success.

If not, you’ve ended up brainstorming on your own
(maybe even staying up late Googling solutions!) 
and implemented some tips you were sure wouldn’t hurt… 
again with temporary or marginal success.

And that may be how you landed here, on this page.

It's your choice whether or not you take the next step and get the support you need to change your career and life.
You may have…
  • Overheard other senior leaders, colleagues, friends and/or family talking about their personal life coach
  • Discovered that a budget for leadership or career development at your company actually exists
  • Read or heard about it on blogs, forums, books, or even social media
And THEN it dawned on you, that…
All of the best and top leaders work with a coach...

...because we can't always push past blocks on our own.
For example, did you realize that…
  • Oprah
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Serena Williams
  • Hugh Jackman
  • {& Yes even} Bill Gates
... ALL have a life coach?!

What all of these leaders realized is that...
Having someone who is in your corner, walking side-by-side with you, is a more effective way to fast-track your results and help you build unstoppable confidence.
These celebrities also know that by taking control of their life and 
making a deliberate decision to go after what they want, 
they’ve empowered not only themselves, 
but the ripple effect of everyone around them.

Colleagues. Team. Kids. Friends. Significant Others.
And So Can You!
I can empathize with the roller coaster of emotions 
you have and are experiencing in your career and life at this moment.



I started my own personal and professional development journey because I was fed up with feeling stuck.

After years of working in corporate America and owning my own business, I felt disconnected with who I was and where I was at. 

I felt like I should be in a certain place and was constantly comparing my journey to my peers' journey.  

After deciding enough was enough, I hired a life coach and the outcome of that single decision changed my life forever.

My experience with my own coach allowed me to finally put a “name” to a career path I was meant to take and the person I was meant to be.  And, because there's nothing more amazing than seeing my clients rise up to their fullest potential, I decided to share my framework with the world and help you become the confident leader and person you were meant to be.

Are you ready to say:
                    ● ​  NO to mediocrity and YES to restoring your high performance?

                    ● ​  NO to juggling ALL the balls yourself and YES to feeling more accomplished?

                    ● ​  NO to missed opportunities and YES to future growth?

                    ● ​  NO to missing sleep and YES to less anxiety?

                    ● ​  NO to imposter syndrome and YES to restoring your rock solid, calm, authentic confidence?
Then you’re in the right place!
And I'd like to share with you the...
Confident Leader Program
 The Confident Leader Program is a 12 week,
1:1 personal coaching program that gives you
the tools, clarity, and support
you need to fast-track sustainable results
to restore the Confident YOU
you KNOW is inside.

The Confident Leader Program is based around M.A.P.
A 3-step framework for long-term, sustainable success.
Studies have shown that over 80% of people have self-esteem issues. Most people are not consciously aware that this is both the foundation of leadership and personal development AND is the basis for a lot of challenges at work (and life).

You will have scheduled 1:1 time every 2 weeks to ensure you know how to manage your mind so you will be able to face any situation head-on.  Leadership is not a role, it's a mindset.
“No one can compete with you on being you.” ~Naval Ravikant
You will learn why it's important to have your own authentic leadership style by understanding (who you are authentically), deciding (who you want to become), and executing (your authentic leadership style).

Specifically, you'll utilize a customized Leadership Development Report with 360 feedback and your own Career Development Plan.
“Activity without purpose is the drain of your life.” ~Tony Robbins
There's no question...when you take the time to deliberately choose your purpose, you'll feel the spark of empowerment. When you're 100% aligned with your purpose, your confidence will soar.
My goal with every client is to provide structure
a safe & supportive environment, and tools that give you an undeniable edge to fast-track your journey back to solid confidence!
Wondering if this program will work for you?
Check out these Success Stories!
"Authentic Self "
"Gina came into my life at exactly the right time. Her continuous and gentle support has been integral to my personal growth. Gina helped me gain new perspective to gradually shift into better alignment with my authentic self." 

- Liza
"So Grateful For This!"
"I was 'going with the flow' when it came to my professional and personal goals — and inside, I was very unhappy with myself. Gina was able to challenge me and offer different options I can engage and apply myself towards my goals while understanding my internal struggles." 

- Julie
"Awesome "
"Working with Gina has been awesome! The main problem I was facing when I started working with Gina was staying focused and not getting spread too thin. Working with Gina helped me focus more and I realized that the things that I am choosing to do are important and worth it and ARE actually getting recognition and looked at as beneficial to the company. All of the tools and frameworks have been very helpful and relate back to each other. The Career Development Plan was, and will continue to be, very beneficial as I prepare my partner track plan."

- A.P.
"Evolving into my truest and best self"
“I wholeheartedly recommend Gina as a life coach. She is so approachable, honest, patient and reliable. She has allowed me to reevaluate the direction in which I was heading. A year in, I can confirm she has coached and guided me beyond measure - career, health, wellness, self-care and finding personal happiness. I am truly evolving into my truest and best self“


Not much separates YOU
from where these leaders started from!

Are You Ready To Move Your Career Forward?

Get Started In Just 3 Simple Steps
Step 1

Book a call!  

Step 2
Complete the application form!  I want to know more about you, what your goals are, and to ensure we are the perfect fit.
Step 3
We start working together! This is where we start bringing out the confident leader you are meant to be.  
I'm so committed to YOUR success, 
that I'm including a BONUS
just for completing a free discovery call with me!

The Career & Life Assessment
The fastest, easiest way to assess the health of your career & life.
The Career & Life Assessment is one of the easiest ways to determine which area of your career (or life) needs focus first. Often times, our problems get jumbled together and we aren't sure what is the cause of our anxiety and stress. This assessment will force you to focus and rank each area of your career and life to get immediate results.

This assessment can be applied to all areas and seasons in your life, it's definitely not for one time use!
I am 100% INVESTED in your success.
I am committed to my part in our partnership to get results for you, which is why I offer a 7-day money back guarantee.

If you don’t feel this coaching program is a good fit, 
let me know within 7 days and I will provide a full refund.
It's Your Time. Let's Do This.

If Your Questions Aren't Answered Below, Book a Call & Let's Chat!
I have no time, how can I make this work?
It's not about time, it's about priorities.  The reason you haven't gotten the results you want yet is because you haven't prioritized yourself.  What are you spending time on that you could be using to develop and grow yourself.  Make yourself a priority and find the time.  If you do, you will have limitless freedom and fulfillment, but you have to put yourself first and quit making excuses.
This sounds great, but can I try this on my own first?
You could.  You probably already have - but how has that worked for you so far? If you were completely confident and ready to lead, you might not have found yourself on my page.  
Can my employer pay for this?
Yes, they probably can, especially in today's environment.  Your company more than likely has a budget to be used for personal development of their employees.  Contact me directly to find out what you can do.
I have been a part of other Leadership Development Programs, how is this different?
A lot of different "groups" can fall into the category of leadership development.  Mostly, it's teaching you how to give better presentations or how to have a difficult conversation.  While helpful for a little bit, this kind of work doesn't develop the actual person.  When the person is not developed that's when problems will continue to arise.  I get to the root of problems at work by addressing confidence, self-esteem, values, and mindset. Once those issues are addressed, nothing will derail you again.



Knowing who you are is the first step in defining who you are going to be.
Make the decision to honor the dreams you had for yourself when you first started out in your career.

It's YOUR Time.
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